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Hello everyone! We're Anitra, who used to live in Sweden a long time ago, and John Z, the Greek (but from the east coast) and a whole bunch of animal friends. We have eight horses; a Thoroughbred, two Arabs, two Missouri Fox Trotters, a Tennessee Walker, a Quarter Horse (a whole one.. ) and a National Show horse. A couple of years ago we acquired our first two donkeys, and are learning what they want from life, as they are way different from horses. So far we know that they like peppermint candy and that they each were carrying an unexpected baby..! The family also includes two Australian Shepherd girls and an Australian Cattle Dog, four (at the moment) very decorative cats and then there's Carrera and the Girls (hobby chickens, comic relief, alarm clock and egg providers).

We're fairly new to the high desert and are really looking forward to making our ranch home here. Having lived with ocean view for many years, we never thought the desert could be so beautiful. At 4000' it gets cold (well, everything is relative) in winter, with an occasional dusting of snow, and stays pleasant in summer. We go for long trail rides in the sand washes or up in the mountains; that's really our best way to appreciate the wildflowers and sunsets and all the little critters you'd never even see otherwise. And then there's all that gold to find and haul home on the donkeys!

Our links show mostly various animals, and we will add a couple of "longear" pictures and photos of Drake of the Hyperspeed and the Flying Furballs as soon as they sit still for a moment. The link to Pioneertown is interesting and expansive. Our property was the camp for the carpenters who built the town, so we are walking on "history", by Hollywood standards. Enjoy!

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